makar sankranti

January 14 was a holiday in India known as Makar Sankranti. The first I’d heard of it was the night before, when B’s dad came home carrying a stack of kites. The next day, my sister in law urged me to go up to the roof and look up. I couldn’t believe the number of kites–there were hundreds of them. Despite having a nice camera with a good lens, the photos do not do justice to how cool the sky looked.

Everyone and their grandma was on a rooftop flying a kite. If you’ve ever read the novel Kite Runner, you have a point of reference. People would try to use their own kite to cut down other kites. “Voh Kata!”  Then people would run to try to catch the kites that were drifting to the ground.

This blog has some interesting info on the holiday. And below are some photos I took that day. You can click on them to enlarge them. If you look closely enough, many times you can see the strings of the closer kites.



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